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ground swallow me!

Oh yeah.

Wouldn't post this anywhere else, but hey, you guys know me, right? :P

MORTIFYING moment today.

I'm on a Very Low Calorie Diet thing where I eat packet-food two days out of five. It's really working and I'm happy about it.

It has, however, made me gassy.

Today, I jumped out of the way of a colleague to allow them to pass and... broke wind briefly.

-- but quite, quite unignorably, in earshot of her and another colleague.

He laughed and said (fairly) "Oh dude. There's no escaping that, is there?"

My jaw dropped and I simply said "Oh god. Well. So. THAT happened."

My other colleague's eyes popped and she just left without a word.

I wanted the fucking ground to open up beneath me.

Of all the things I would do to shock or surprise anybody, I find that sort of thing amazingly uncouth (oh god, at WORK of all places? jesus wept)

Honestly, I think of all the things that happened today (of which many were challenging and negative), that was the one that I couldn't actually cope with and will replay through my mind forever on loop, making it so I don't want to even speak to the people I love and work with every day.

So, so, so embarassing.

Ugh. *shudder*.

They didn't take the piss or mention it when I had to speak to them later and I'm just going to pretend it never ever happened.

So embarrassed. I can't even.

So, if you had any bad things happen today, well, you didn't break wind in front of your workmates. I assume.

Man. Life never stops giving you a new thing to make you feel horrible in your own skin.

37 and I can still find new things to horrify myself. Unbelievable.
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