DeathBoy (deathboy) wrote,


Scuse the stream of glumness here. As you might have guessed, I've popped back for a bit because I have some things to say that I don't want to air on Facebook, which contains far too many people that will get the arse with me / think less of me, etc.

I know you reprobates already know what I'm like and feel happier talking freely here.

I am, however, going to try to pull my head out of my arse! No point being gloomy all the time.

Come on, then... After three, a big, rousing cheer of "CHEER UP, GOTH!"

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LJ - long form goth angst since '02.
(pokes repeatedly -with finger)

Where's the 'Like' button in this thing?
Cheers up GOTH!!

This might amuse you....feeling a bit lovecraftian today ;)
I'm glad you're feeling better, but bear in mind I do like to wax fat on other peoples' suffering, so for me other peoples' miserable posts are part of the fun of LJ.
speak speak speak! I wish I had the energy to post more but I barely even speak on fb now.


August 7 2015, 06:15:19 UTC 2 years ago Edited:  August 7 2015, 06:16:03 UTC

Because I'm a helper*

* Enabler

I thought that was what all the bloody vodka was for?

Bloody hell! Back on LJ? You'll have me listening to music til the wee hours and downloading porn next. Uhm, errm...?

I know what you're saying. I often think about how much I miss LJ. All the spats and dramas. Kinda like Hollyoaks, but with more blackcurrant and bigger boots.

It's not fair they[TM] told me I'd be more content if I mellowed out and settled down. Yet now I have even more ammunition for my drunken rants than before!

Being young was a piece of piss. The whiny little shits should try middle-age!