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Full quality track-a-day previews

Second track preview from End of an Error.

This one's a quirky, hooky electronic number which to my surprise, a few folks consider their favourite on the album. It's a good demonstration of my tendency to mix rave, breakbeat, industrial, etc. And it's got one of Uncle DeathBoy's Philosophical Breakdowns ;)

Hope you like!

Something - DeathBoy
Full quality / full track streaming mp3 preview

£2.50 ($5) MP3 Album (no DRM) / £5 ($10) CD

Yesterday's track: Angel on my Shoulder

Again, if you like the track, or can spend a few seconds copy/pasting to help us spread the word, please bop the following code fragment into your LJ and share the love - this grassroots, word-of-mouth distribution helps us get folks interested that wouldn't usually listen, it really does help us! Thanks :)

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